Health and Fitness Advice in Magazines, Trustworthy Or Not?

Many health and fitness magazines are available these days. Health and fitness is a huge industry. These days just about everyone is interested in feeling fitter and looking better. It is not just for fitness fanatics and weight lifters anymore. Even the elderly are encouraged to exercise and to train with weights.It is good that people are interested in their health. It is good that there is so much information available. We are not all the same and a fitness routine that suits one person may not suit another. The problem with some of the information is that it encourages unrealistic expectations.There is some excellent advice and training information available. There is a routine available for all tastes and fitness levels. There are plenty of different healthy eating plans. However, there is also plenty of dangerous misinformation. You need to be wary of extremes.If you are looking for a quick fix in the form of a miracle pill or shake, then you are going to be ripped off, or even worse, you could end up doing irreparable damage to your health. There is no magic pill, powder, or anything that will make you lose weight overnight.However if you follow a sensible but strict eating plan with a sensible exercise program you will begin to see the benefits within a week. The longer you follow your new healthy plan the more you will see the results. It may not look like much is happening at first but you will feel great and your posture will improve which will make you look even better and it will be a long term solution not just a quick fix that stops as soon as you stop dieting.There are some excellent magazines available but be wary of unrealistic advertising. Read the information and use some common sense. Ask yourself if the results claimed are realistic and healthy. If they are, go for it. Get out and exercise.

Ideas and Travel Tips for a Food and Wine Themed Holiday to New Zealand

If you are currently considering where to go on your next holiday, why not consider one of the wonderful luxury holidays to New Zealand? A holiday to New Zealand can offer so many things for so many people, especially if you plan to take one of the tailor-made luxury holidays currently on offer.Here is a brief guide as we take a look at just some ideas, travel tips and things you might want to consider when you are planning or looking forward to a tailor-made or luxury holiday to New Zealand.Firstly, make sure you do a little homework and research via the internet on the type of holiday you would like to have and look at the many locations and variety of travel options on offer to visitors. Consider the time of year you are planning to travel and the climate for that time of year, as this can sometimes affect the overall price of your holiday or what is on offer in the locations you plan to travel to.Apart from the usual locations and attractions which are often on offer for visitors in New Zealand, why not opt for themed holiday? Or even a holiday that might be suited to your lifestyle or interests? One such holiday which might appeal to many people is a food and wine themed odyssey of New Zealand.New Zealand sits at approximately 41.4° S latitude, which means it falls within the optimum latitude for wine production as the country’s wide and varied climate means that it suits a number of vine varieties for the production of wine. This has led many of the top wine producers to look to New Zealand for the future of wine production in the southern hemisphere.You will have the opportunity to travel through the wine making countryside of both the North and South Island and sample the many award-winning wines along the way, accompanied by some of country’s finest local cuisine from each region.Some of New Zealand’s top wine making regions you should add to your shortlist of places to visit are on the North Island: Gisborne, Hawkes Bay and, situated at the southern end of the North Island, Martinborough.On the Southern Island is the now famous Marlborough wine region, which is home to the distinctive Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc white production from the now legendary Cloudy Bay Vineyards, which has helped New Zealand wines to be recognised globally. The region of Central Otago is quickly becoming one of the most exciting areas for wine production in the country and is the most southern of the country’s major wine regions.

The Benefits of Advertising Outdoors

There are many ways to market one’s product or service. One of the most powerful forms of advertising is advertising outdoors. In the UK, this is a booming market and because of this, outdoor advertising space can be hard to come by at times. However, once the space has been secured, any business will begin to see the benefits of this form of advertising.Captive MarketWith all of the cars on the road, the people who are driving those cars have no choice but to look out their windscreen at their surrounds. Part of those surroundings are the marketing campaigns utilising advertising outdoors. With the popularity of holiday ventures to rural areas as well as camper trailers, not to mention urban driving becoming more and more common, there are avenues for any marketing campaign that will get seen by thousands or hundreds of thousands of people a day. The advertisements outdoors make big statements and cannot be ignored, unlike other advertising mediums, such as a reader skipping advertising pages in a magazine.Repetitive ExposureOn top of guaranteed views of an advertising campaign, there is a high level of repetitive exposure to the same advertisements. The typical commuter drives the same route five days a week so that means that any given outdoor advertisement will be viewed by that driver repeatedly during the week. Repetition in advertising is difficult to obtain in most mediums but while advertising outdoors, it is one of the most cited reasons for choosing this medium for advertising.Gets to the Customer at the Right TimeWith any marketing campaign, timing is everything. A bold advertisement is lost if there is a large amount of time, from the advertising impression, to the decision to make a purchase. Outdoor advertising minimises that time, sometimes dramatically. Advertising a product utilising an outdoor ad in front of the store where that product is sold is the most striking example of this. However, even having a product featured on the expressway will still leave an favourable advertising impression when a person stops at their local market before heading home after a long day at work.Outdoor Advertising is Cost EffectiveWhen looking at the cost per viewer, no other advertising medium is so cost effective. While an advertisement in a magazine may be a bit more targeted toward an audience, the cost per impression is dramatically higher than a high-quality and dynamic advertisement placed outside. Getting repeat exposure for the same product requires even more outlay of capital from a company’s marketing budget, yet with outdoor advertising campaigns, the same commuter will see the advertisement for weeks before beginning to truly ignore it.The initial cost for an outdoor advertising campaign is fairly low as well, depending on the location and size of the advertisement. As with other marketing outlets, size and the variety of colours affects cost. However, compared to most other marketing mediums, the initial cost is most often lower and the monthly cost after the first month is more of a rental agreement and maintenance fee agreement, rather than a reoccurring fixed cost.