Travel Insurance for Family Holidays

The economy may be tough and holiday budgets stretched more than ever before but families still need, and will take, their holidays. Getting away as a family is very important for maintaining the family bond. However, the organisation of a family holiday can be daunting. There is so much to do and think about before you leave home – and family holiday insurance is just one of them.A checklist is vital so that you don’t forget anything important. Holiday checklist examples are available online and you can tailor them to suit your family’s needs. Keep a copy on your home computer, if possible, so that you can edit it as the family’s needs change. Print out copies for all family members and ask them to add anything they think is important to them. (Be prepared for suggestions to include a tattered teddy bear or computer game; better to have all this on board – and contented kids – rather than deal with the alternative… )One aspect of a family holiday that is easy to solve and tick off that ‘to do’ list is family travel insurance. It is best to take care of this as soon as you book your holiday so that coverage begins immediately, in case of any unexpected events that may cause cancellation of your trip.Families can save money on family holiday insurance because kids are very often included free of charge. Let’s face it, you don’t get much for free these days – and there is no trick involved. This is something offered free that is actually worth having! (Remember to check the policy terms and conditions).If you think you might take two of more holidays in a year it is wise to save money by choosing an Annual Multi-trip policy for your family holiday. This is a no-brainer if you consider how much it would cost for multiple trips or holidays if you were to take out a single-trip policy for each family member each time you travel.Before purchasing holiday insurance always check carefully to ensure that it provides adequate cover for the needs of your family, as well as all your planned activities. Medical cover is the most important concern for most families. No one wants to think about possible accidents, sickness, or health emergencies when going on holiday. However, imagine how you would feel if the worst should happen and you are faced with an astronomical hospital bill. Remember to check that your insurance policy includes air ambulance and medical repatriation to your homeland – as this can be extremely expensive.Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have an emergency number to call 24/7 when you are far away from home, perhaps in a country where you do not speak the language? A friendly voice at the end of the phone would be welcome to help with medical emergencies, and other problems such as replacing stolen or lost travel documents or credit cards, tracing lost luggage, or handling arrangements in the event of a delay in your travel schedule.Do you like to gamble? Because travelling without insurance is taking a real risk. Travel insurance is just as important for solo travellers as for families. When the kids are grown and it is time for them to venture out into the world without you, it’s no use trying to stop them. (You may have been responsible for infecting them with the travel bug in the first place). The best you can do is make sure they have insurance – or purchase travel insurance for them as a farewell gift and send them on their way. Insurance not only provides needed protection for them, but also gives a worried parent or parents some peace of mind while the kids are out of sight. Tip: a Backpacker policy is great value and a cheap option for young travellers who don’t have a lot of luggage. There’s no point in paying for cover that you don’t need.The kids will be grown up and gone before you know it and family holidays are precious times to be cherished. One day you will look back through family holiday photo albums and ‘ooh and aah’ at the cute snapshots of the kids. Don’t risk spoiling those holiday memories because you thought travel insurance was an unnecessary expense!